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all the things we'll never be

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all the things we’ll never be is a work that explores femininity, femmephobia, and the collective safety that queer women seek in one another as a means of solace for the grief that we feel as artists, as queer folks, as people of colour, as womxn, as people who believe in equity and justice. 

Premiere Date: December 7, 2018

Premiered as part of SAFEhouse Arts Resident Artist Workshop and Lead Artist Program

Choreographer: Bhumi B. Patel

Original Cast: Chelsea Boyd Brown, KJ Dahlaw, Danielle Galvez, Katherine House, Peri Trono, and Jordan Wanderer

Sound: Chihei Hatakeyama, Julia Kent, Alberto Iglesias, Alan Ellis, Stars of the Lid, Max Richter, Café Accordian Orchestra, Benedictine Nuns Choir of l’Abbaye de Nortre Dame, Monks of Ampleforth Abbey, Leon Bridges, Bersarian Quartett

Lighting Design: Colin Johnson

Costumes: Bhumi B. Patel




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