pateldanceworks (PDW) centers marginalized voices at the intersection of embodied research and activism, using dance and movement as a pursuit for liberation and decolonization by cultivating safe spaces and practicing listening and availability.


Founded in 2017, pateldanceworks has been presented at SAFEhouse Arts, LEVYsalon, Shawl Salon, max10, Studio 200, Molissa Fenley and Friends, Summer Performance Festival, RAWdance's Concept Series, The San Francisco International Arts Festival, Berkeley Finnish Hall, PUSHfest, Shawl-Anderson’s Queering Dance Festival, and Deborah Slater’s Studio 210 Residency. Artistic Director Bhumi B. Patel has curated “fem(me),” a performance of femme-identified, radical queers, for SAFEhouse Arts since 2018.

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