bhumi patel

Bhumi B. Patel is the Artistic Director of pateldanceworks and is a queer, desi artist/activist who creates intersectionally feminist performances from a trauma-informed, social justice-oriented perspective. Patel uses dance as a pursuit for liberation, where all involved have the time and space to decolonize the body through listening, cultivating safe spaces, and availability. Her work traverses dancing, choreographing, curating, educating, writing, and scholarship. Patel aims to support marginalized and oppressed voices through performance and movement education.


While Patel has trained in Western forms, she seeks to create movement outside of white models of dance through use of improvisational practices and tapping into kinesthetic processing. Patel uses art making to learn how to embrace the contradictions of her inner landscape.


She earned her MA in American Dance Studies from Florida State University and her MFA in Dance from Mills College. She is on faculty at West Valley College, Lone Mountain Children’s Center, and Shawl-Anderson Dance Center.


Patel’s work has been presented at SAFEhouse Arts, LEVYsalon, Shawl Salon, max10, Studio 200, Molissa Fenley and Friends, Summer Performance Festival, RAWdance's Concept Series, The San Francisco International Arts Festival, Berkeley Finnish Hall, PUSHfest, Shawl-Anderson’s Queering Dance Festival, and Deborah Slater’s Studio 210 Residency.


She has received funding from the Zellerbach Family Foundation, The India Center Foundation, Dancers' Group, and The Center for Cultural Innovation. Patel has curated “fem(me),” a performance of femme-identified, radical queers, for SAFEhouse Arts since 2018. Bhumi was a 2017-2018 Lead Artist with SAFEhouse Arts, a 2017-2018 Emerging Arts Professionals Fellow and a 2019 Women of Color in the Arts Leadership through Mentorship Fellow. She is a member of Dancing Around Race and a performer with Cat Call Choir. She has been published in the San Francisco Chronicle, Life as a Modern Dancer, Contact Quarterly, and InDance.


Bhumi would like you to know that some of her best friends are white.

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