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fault lines

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fault lines is a multidisciplinary collaboration with queer and Asian performance artists, experimental composers, and a visual artist. In this unprecedented moment, we witness the ongoing pandemics entrench inequality and erode the already brittle infrastructure we stand upon. As seismologist Nicholas van der Elst explains “seen from above, [faults] appear as broad zones of deformation, with many faults braided together.” The tectonic forces of xenophobia, orientalism, homophobia and transphobia collide with climate catastrophe - leaving us dancing on unstable ground. Fort Funston is uniquely positioned upon a bluff that is made up of sedimentary rocks that formed along the San Andreas fault line over the last two million years.
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Creative Director & Performer: Bhumi B Patel
Sonic Composers: Rachel Austin & Sholeh Asgary
Performers: Hannah Meleokaiao Ayasse, Tessa Nebrida, Emma Tome, Elizabeth Sugawara, & Bhumi B Patel
Costumes: Iris Yirei Hu
Stage Manager + Production Coordinator: Em Kane
Production Coordinator: Syon Davis
Technical Directors: Michael Mersereau & Kevin Lo

desecrated temple | august 2022

moon portals | september 2022

broken maps | november 2022

quaking | january 2023

edge of the continent | may 2023